Know for sure if your pet got their meds & supplements.

Put tooktake labels on anything your pet needs to stay healthy and know at a glance if they took it!

Perfect for: flea and tick control, heartworm pills and injections, antibiotics, pain and anti-inflammatory meds, vitamins, joint care, ear wash, anti-seizure meds, insulin, beta-blockers, anti-anxiety meds, anti-diarrheal meds, steroids, antihistamines... anything!

  • PEEL

    Beginning at the bottom, gently peel the label from the backing.


    Place the label on the container, keeping safety warnings & instructions visible.

  • PULL

    When you give a dose, pull off the corresponding tab from the label.

  • KNOW

    Know at a glance if they took it or still need to take it. No more guesswork!

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Every pet. Every dose. Every time.

Tooktake labels stick on anything you need to give your pet to keep them healthy and happy. Pull a tab when you give them a dose and know at a glance if you actually did. Simple! You have enough on your mind already. Back up your memory with tooktake!


    Track anything you give pets once or twice a day, every day.


    Track anything you give pets at hourly intervals during the day & night.

  • 10 DAY

    Track anything you give pets once or twice a day for up to 10 days.

    SHOP 10 DAY 

    Track anything your pets need to take or use on a monthly schedule.


Tooktake. Because our adorable pets are terrible at reminding us to give them their medicine.

Sure, they have other wonderful qualities, but come on! It's like they're not even trying. Add that to confusion over who gave what, when in a multi-(pet)parent household, and chances are, you're gonna miss some doses or double-up on others. Not good. Fortunately, with tooktake, you'll know for sure. No guesswork. No stress :)


"My dog Mu was prescribed steroids for allergies, and as soon as I heard the protocol - twice a day for 5 days - I thought about how I can't even remember what I ate for lunch and got worried. Then I remembered tooktake! It made something I was concerned would be complicated to do properly into something that couldn't have been easier! I LOVE this product. Brilliant!"


Questions & Answers

Does tooktake only work on pills?

Nope! Tooktake labels can be used on any form of medication and supplement. Simply stick the label on the container or box and you're good to go!

What do I do with the tab once I've pulled it off?

Whatever works best for you. I like to stick the one I’ve torn off on the lid to the bottle so I can quickly see the last time I gave a dose. Some people prefer to stick them on the side of the bottle or package while others just throw them in the trash each day.

For the hourly labels, you can reuse the tabs for more than one day. In that case, I recommend sticking the pulled tabs on the lid or the container.

What of I need to see information under the tooktake label?

We recommend that you try not to place your tooktake label over any critical warnings or instructions on the prescription or supplement. But if you do and you need to remove the tooktake label it should come off easily without damaging the existing labels. BUT there is a chance that the perforated tabs on the tooktake label will tear off if you are trying to remove the entire label, so you may need to start with a new tooktake label if you remove one before you have completed using it. 

Is tooktake only for prescriptions?

No. Our customers use tooktake for all kinds of things! Over the counter medications, supplements, drops, lotions, liquids. It’s great for anything that you need to keep track of giving to your pet on a short or long term basis.

Tooktake is plastic neutral.

Tooktake has partnered with CleanHub since 2022, enabling the safe collection and recovery of over 3,600 lbs. of ocean bound plastic waste. Our contribution supports clean environments and creates sustainable jobs in the global south. Click below to view our live impact report.

View Live Impact Report

Tooktake is made in the USA.

It was an easy decision to make and it lowers our carbon footprint because we aren’t shipping large quantities or product all over the world. We also do our best to work with suppliers and people close to home so that nothing ever has to be shipped very far.

Tooktake has also committed to use more environmentally responsible mailers. We have our new, recycled , recycleable, 100% home compostable mailers ready to go and as soon as we use up our existing stock of envelopes we will make the switch.